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It's already half gone. You have a lifelong customer and fan! You deliver flavor, excitement and joy to my food AND to my feed!


This sauce [Peri-Peri Ghost Hot Sauce] is great! Surprisingly sweet yet robust and hot. Great addition to tacos, soups and sauces to really rev up your eating experience!


Revved Up Sauce adds flavor to your cooking without burning your mouth. I add it to ground and grilled chicken, ribs and even salmon. I use it in marinades and also add it to cooked food before serving.


Making food at home can sometimes feel like you are missing out on something versus going to a restaurant. This sauce [Jalapeño Hot Sauce] changed that. It was the missing ingredient to take our meals to the next level. The flavors are perfectly refined and the level of heat was just enough to add to the dishes without burning tastebuds.


Revved Up Sauce is the bomb! My husband and I aren't huge fans of super spicy food, but Revved Up Serrano hot sauce has added warmth and flavor to our meals which has been an unexpected treat. So far we've added Revved Up Serrano to meatloaf, lamb burgers, buffalo steak, and chili. Time for us to try a few more flavors!


WOW!! This sauce is BETTER than I even thought it would be! My family loves it and we put it on everything - egg sandwiches, burgers, meatloaf, and so much more! We also cook with it - burritos, chili, everything! It's got a nice bite to it, but not overpowering.


I was lucky enough to come across this [Spicy Cayenne] hot sauce at a local pop up and I fell in love! I love spicy anything but this sauce doesn’t compare to others, it’s not just spicy (or too spicy) but full of flavor and you can put it on basically anything! I use it mostly for my breakfast hash but I carry it my purse as well LOL Highly recommend!