The Revved Up Story

While we love the classics, we're also getting tired of the same old meals. We want to shake up our kitchen and be challenged in new ways so we can get creative with all the recipes.

That's why we created these sauces!

Whether you need a spicy kick to a traditional flavored dish or are looking for something new and different, we have just the sauce for you. If it's been awhile since your last spice run, this is just what you need to renew that thrill of experimenting in your own kitchen again! With our wide range of sauces, made with fresh ingredients, you can find one that will suit every taste bud.

Try our Peri-Peri Ghost Hot Sauce to give your pulled pork or ribs an extra punch! Or spice up grilled chicken by dipping it in our Pineapple Bomb Hot Sauce. If Mexican food is more your style, then try adding some heat with our Serrano or Jalapeño hot sauces on tacos or as a side dish with corn chips. For those who want their meal to be really hot and flavorful, try out any of our six hot sauces


Be fearless, be spontaneous, & get revved up with Revved Up!


revved up founder image rebecca light about

Revved Up LLC was founded by Rebecca Light, in September, 2020.

Rebecca has always been fascinated by hot sauce. Her mouth-watering obsession has lead her to trying spicy dishes around the world, dragging friends to hot sauce conventions, and carrying around mini bottles incase of emergency. When a pandemic hit us all, Rebecca realized that her everyday routine was simply too bland. She needed to spice up her lifestyle. So she left her 9-5 job as a graphic designer and used her creativity, inspirations and experiences to turn a fascination into a passion... and Revved Up was born. Using an array of unique recipes, Revved Up aims to put Rebecca’s passion and experiences into bottle form for everyone to taste.

Let the intense yet delicious flavors inspire you to live in the moment, try new things, and follow your passion.