Revved Up Story

Revved Up LLC was founded by Rebecca Light, during the crazy year of 2020.
Rebecca has always been fascinated by hot sauce.

I found myself using hot sauces as an easy way out when it came time to cooking because it's quick and doesn't require much effort to any meal- but that meant my taste buds were getting too tired of bland food without any spices in them! After trying all different types of dishes with spicy peppers, I realized that we need both heat AND flavor so we can enjoy our meals.

That's why I created Revved Up hot sauces, a saucy solution to the problems we face when it comes to actually enjoying our meals. By providing inspiration on how to use each flavor, found on the back of every label, we’ve prevented any disappointment in finding out that you're having another boring meal. We have a sauce for any course!

Revved Up™ is a small company that wants to help you shake up your kitchen, with a collection of hot sauce that provides flavor before heat. Whether you need a spicy kick to a traditional flavored dish or are looking for something new and different, we have just the sauce for you. If it's been awhile since your last spice run, this is just what you need to renew that thrill of experimenting in your own kitchen again. Our original six flavors include: Jalapeño, Serrano, Pineapple Bomb, Southern Style, Spicy Cayenne, and Peri-Peri Ghost.

Revved Up™
Hot Sauce Collection


Try our Peri-Peri Ghost Hot Sauce to give your pulled pork or ribs an extra punch! Or spice up grilled chicken by dipping it in our Pineapple Bomb Hot Sauce. If Mexican food is more your style, then try adding some heat with our Serrano hot sauces on tacos or as a side dish with corn chips. For those who want their meal to be really hot and flavorful, try out any of our six hot sauces!

Craft Hot Sauce (, asked Rebecca to share her story for them to publish and share to their 4000 chili head subscribers.