Hot sauce with flavor before heat.


We believe in adding spice to your life, but without sacrificing flavor in the process. We take pride in our products and believe that you will taste the difference. Our hot sauces are bold and flavorful with just enough kick for those who appreciate excellent taste. Rebecca was fearless as she began her dream hot sauce business, & hopes that you have the same fearlessness when trying our Revved Up sauces.

The journey to enjoying your food

When you taste our hot sauces we want you feel like there was nothing else in this world that could make your dish better than what's inside these bottles. Check the back of every label for recommendations of how to use each flavor.

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A sauce for any course.

Flavor before heat

Meet the founder


When I was younger, I loved hot sauce. It was always my go-to condiment for any dish. I started to realize that I was using way too much hot sauce & couldn't really taste my food anymore. That's when I knew I needed to find a hot sauce that had flavor before heat. From traveling the world tasting new cuisines, to visiting hot sauce conventions, I finally got the courage to start my own company in 2020, during a world pandemic, & have been living my dream ever since.