Top Five Reasons I Love Hot Sauce

Top Five Reasons I Love Hot Sauce

Hot sauce adds zip to my food.  No more bland dinners.

Hot sauce adds zest to my drink.   Have you ever sprinkled some hot sauce into a Bloody Mary?  Enough said.

Hot sauce adds spice to my life.  Knowing there will be hot sauce at my next meal means excitement is always just around the corner.

Hot sauce is good for my waistline.  Hot sauce is one of the lowest calorie foods you can consume.  And, according to, spiciness can help to control appetite and slow down the rate at which you eat.

Hot sauce is a great conversation piece.  People who say they don’t enjoy hot sauce are often surprised to find that there are so many varieties, flavors, and heat levels, and that among them, there are usually several flavors they do enjoy!  I would recommend sampling the six varieties offered from Revved Up‘s Hot Sauce brand to see which mix of ingredients you like most.

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