Sweet & Spicy Brie Bites Recipe

Sweet and Spicy Brie Bites. The perfect party appetizer.

Sweet & Spicy Brie Bites with Puff Pastry Recipe

Recipe for brie cheese:

Do you ever wonder how to make baked brie? This recipe shows how simple it is! It is super easy and super tasty!

The smell of melted cheese makes you salivate, but the flavor that emerges in your mouth when it is baked to perfection will make you'll be making this recipe for brie cheese every week.

Pictured: Brie cheese with a wedge sliced out. Perfect to use for these brie bites appetizers recipe.

Rather than baking it as a whole piece of cheese, these are small bites, baked brie, finger food. Perfect to serve as an appetizer or a side dish at your next party ! Save this baked brie recipe for your next occasion.

And now the special part, an enhanced version which adds the perfect amount of sweetness and spiciness to every bite. Revved Up Pineapple Bomb Sauce is the perfect addition to baked brie cheese and so easy to add.

There's no better way to celebrate than with a baked brie bite, an easy-to-make appetizer or side dish. Learn how by following this recipe!


Pictured: Brie bites appetizer with Revved Up Pineapple Bomb Hot Sauce. Great party appetizer.Pineapple Bomb hot sauce is the perfect favor enhancement to brie bites. Pictured: Muffin tin with puff pastry





  1. Heat oven to 375°F
  2. Spray 24 miniature muffin cups with cooking spray
  3. Unroll dough onto work surface, and reshape into rectangles. (If using crescent dinner rolls, press seams together.) With a pizza cutter or sharp knife, cut dough into 24 squares.
  4. Press 1 dough square into each miniature muffin cup.
  5. Cut cheese into 24 thin wedges. Place one piece of brie cheese in bottom of each dough-lined cup. Fold cheese pieces in half to fit inside cups, if necessary.
  6. Bake 9 to 12 minutes or until the edges are golden brown.
  7. Cool 3 minutes; use metal spatula to loosen edges, and remove from muffin tin.
  8. Tap 1-2 drops of Revved Up Pineapple Bomb sauce onto each square and serve.

Revved Up Pineapple Bomb Hot Sauce is the perfect flavor enhancement to Brie cheese. It adds just the right amount of spice, tang, and sweetness that is perfectly balanced out by the brie cheese, the perfect combo for a brie recipe.

If you are throwing a party or have guests over for dinner, treat them to a new taste, and surprise them with this recipe for brie cheese. They will thank you and ask you how you made these delicious baked brie. The answer, simple: Revved Up Pineapple Bomb.

Optional: Add a drizzle of honey on top of the baked brie bites.

Optional: Have you ever tried grilled brie?

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Pineapple Bomb hot sauce is the perfect favor enhancement to brie bites. Pictured: Product I’mage of Revved Up Pineapple Bomb Hot Sauce

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