Spicy Herbed Scallops

Spicy Herbed Scallops

Scallops are a delicious seafood treat. With this recipe, you can make them easily at home and they taste like they are straight from a gourmet restaurant. The flavors are fresh and bright with just enough spice to round it out. You will not taste scallops in the same way again.

By adding Revved Up Spicy Cayenne to the lemon and butter in the pan, you add pepper and spice to your dish. The Revved Up Spicy Cayenne sauce has the perfect balance of heat, so it doesn't make your scallops too spicy and it really brings out all of the flavors you love. 

Test your palate with Revved Up Spicy Cayenne sauce, you will not go back!

These scallops are great as a dish on their own, or you can add them into a classic pasta dish. The green herb sauce doubles great as flavor for the scallops and a sauce to coat the pasta. The scallops are also delicious in salad. The flavors in this recipes go great with any simple oil and vinegar based dressing.



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