Serrano Peppers

serrano pepper hot sauce

Serrano Peppers

  • Serrano peppers are a type of chili pepper that is light green in color and has a medium-high heat level.
  • They are commonly used in Mexican cuisine, but can also be found on pizzas and salads.
  • The Serrano pepper plant produces green peppers ready for harvest at about two months old.

The chili pepper is a delightfully spicy fruit that can be enjoyed in many different ways. One of the most popular forms of consumption is through hot sauces. It's often used to spice up dishes like burritos and tacos, making them more flavorful.

If you are looking for a new flavor to add to your meals, consider using some Serrano pepper. It is quite popular in Mexico and Central America.

It has a nice acidic bite but also can be sweet at the same time.

There are several varieties of this hot pepper and they range in color from green to red depending on when they were picked.

The Serrano pepper is a small but mighty member of the chili family. The Serrano's hot and spicy taste can be utilized in all sorts of dishes, including salsas, sauces, relishes, garnishes and more.

Make sure you don't pick unripe Serrano peppers. Ripe Serrano peppers are a blast. They're delicious inside of burritos, and they add that perfect kick to any salsa recipe dish.

When you take a bite of chili peppers, your mouth is flooded with an intense heat. Capsaicin is the component that produces this sensation and it can be found in chili peppers.

Soft and sweet, roasted Serrano peppers are a great addition to your next taco night. When roasted or pan cooked it lends an extra kick to your food that you will love.

Personally, I like to use Serrano hot sauce because of the earthy flavor. The spice makes it more versatile than some of the other hot sauces, that have a stronger flavor and work better on select dishes.

Serrano Hot Sauce

The Serrano chili pepper is a fiery little friend, in both flavor and size. They are usually around 1-4 inches long and 1/2 inch wide. The Serrano pepper has been known to grow as large as 8 inches long and 2 inches wide, but most typically stay smaller than that.

The Serrano pepper is often compared to the jalapeno pepper because of their similar coloration, though they differ mainly in size. The Serrano chili pepper being quite a bit like its well-known counterpart, the jalapeno pepper, so much so that you might even mistake it for one if you don't know what you're looking at!

The Serrano peppers have a fresh flavor, similar to the Jalapeno peppers, but with a more intense bite.

Check out our Revved Up Serrano hot sauce, which we love on white pizza, pork carnitas, grilled vegetables, chili, and rice.

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