Revved Up™ Hot Sauce will Liven Up your Online Get-Togethers

Online hot sauce revved up

Even though we are experiencing a global pandemic, and in-person get-togethers are taboo, our lives do not need to be boring.  We simply need to adapt to the times.  

Many of us have discovered we can host virtual parties using online video media.  Whether it’s FaceTime, Zoom, WebEx, or GoToMeeting, the challenge is to bring joy and harmony to our groups of friends.  One distinctly enjoyable way is to share our favorite foods.  And, in the name of adding spice to our lives, I’d suggest we also bring some hot sauce.  

For any party I host – and I host a lot of them – I encourage all participants on the conference to introduce a little hot sauce as a garnish or condiment.  Pour a few drops of Revved Up Serrano hot sauce onto whatever it is you’re eating.  This is a mild hot sauce that truly enhances the flavor of the underlying food.  This is no buzz kill; on the contrary it livens up your food and your party.

Laughter and good times are what make life worth living.  A little hot sauce can go a long way. 

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