Is hot sauce only a condiment?

Hot sauce recipes

According to Rebecca Light, founder of Revved Up™ Hot Sauce (, "the uses of hot sauce in cooking extend well beyond sprinkling it on already prepared entrees. It also can spice up a meal when combined with ingredients before the cooking starts."  

I have found that combining hot sauce with cooking sauces adds zest and improves the flavor of many traditional recipes. Some of my favorite pairings include:

  • Ghost pepper based hot sauce combined with low-salt soy for a savory stir-fry.
  • Jalapeno pepper based hot sauce blended with barbecue sauce for zesty Texas style brisket.
  • Cayenne pepper based hot sauce combined with yellow mustard and spread on boneless chicken for a tangy chicken fillet.  
  • Habanero pepper based hot sauce merged with sour cream and pineapple for scrumptious grilled salmon.

If you are interested in other recipes involving cooking with hot sauce, a good source to visit is

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