Hot Ones Hot Sauce

Hot ones hot sauce game show

Hot Ones the Game Show on YouTube which was premiered streaming live from Los Angeles.The show is a stunt-comedy event is watched by millions on YouTube. It features host Sean Evans going head to head with celebrities, musicians, and comedians in a hot wing eating competition. The game consists of each person sipping 8 spiciest wings they can handle without drinking any water or milk. Hosted by Sean Evans, this new show has big names like David Chang and Justin Bieber competing in an old fashioned style hot wing challenge for charity. 

Hot Ones had Gordon Ramsay on it once. 


Gordon Ramsey is a chef, author, and TV personality. He's been the head judge on Hells Kitchen for 14 seasons. His new show The F Word will take him all over the world in search of international culinary creations that will make your mouth water with delight!

Revved Up always has some great contests going on that are a blast. Our live pop up events are the perfect place to try six different sauces and then answer this fun question at the end! We are thinking about doing a virtual taste testing party with all six hot sauces. Check them out, as we ship nation wide for free at


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