Here’s how to cook the perfect grilled chicken

Here’s how to cook the perfect grilled chicken

The first step to cooking a delicious grilled chicken dinner is making sure that your grill is clean and ready to cook. Make sure you have enough time before starting so you can preheat it fully, clean the grates with soap and water, oil them well then let them dry. Once the grates are heated up, start by cleaning and oiling the surface of your chicken thoroughly before placing it on the grill.

You should not just place raw meat on a hot grate because this could lead to cross-contamination of other foods on your plate when handling with gloves or tongs which are not recommended for food preparation while cooking.

Cook chicken over direct heat slowly turning every few minutes for even cooking times or use indirect heat if desired but be aware that using an indirect method will increase overall cooking time as well as potentially charring the outside of ingredients without any interior moisture left behind in order for proper browning effect (though this technique may work better with vegetables). 

If cooked correctly, let the chicken sit for 5 minutes because once removed from grill the temperature will continue to rise creating its final finished product.

If you like to spice up your chicken, we love mixing Revved Up Peri-Peri Ghost hot sauce, with some barbecue sauce, and dipping grilled chicken right there. 

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