Does hot sauce go bad?

Does hot sauce go bad?

What does it mean to go 'bad'?

It's important to know if there are any negative effects from storing your favorite condiment for too long. We've all heard about food going bad over time but does hot sauce actually go bad? The answer is yes; however, you may be able to save some by following these simple tips. First off, make sure you buy quality hot sauces who don't cut corners when making their products. Secondly, store your bottle properly in a bottle, not just sitting out. Place it in a cool and dry place, or we usually recommend putting it in the refrigerator if there are fruits in it, as it will last longer.

In general, any hot sauce will have a pretty decent shelf life because most hot sauces are made with vinegar and chili pepper. Unopened bottles can have shelf lives as long as 1-5 years. It all depends on ingredients, and how long it's been sitting on the shelf before it gets into your hands. You can always check with the manufacturer, however; if you're a true hot sauce fan, you should be able to finish any bottle long before it goes bad! 

We have six hot sauces, that we say last about one year, but we have customers that are coming back for seconds, after two weeks! Revved Up delivers across the country, and ships free if you try all six flavors. 


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