Black Bean Dip For National Tortilla Day!

Bean Dip Recipe Image For National Tortilla Chip Day Blog

Black Bean Dip Recipe For National Tortilla Day!

On February 24, there's a holiday that celebrates tortilla chips and the dip they are often served with. That day is National Tortilla Chip Day. A day with a crunch, a corny holiday some might even say. But since this day involves delicious food, we decided to write up a short how-to guide for making black bean dip. This bean dip recipe uses canned beans (which are much quicker than cooking dried ones) along with some spices.

The possibilities for dips are practically endless. Or you could make your own! The best part about homemade is that it's always fresh and never frozen.

Here are some recipes for homemade dips:

Black Bean Dip 

Put all in food processor or blender or mash beans manually and add rest of the ingredients.

I cannot get enough of this dip. When I'm hosting a party, it's my go-to dish.

The best thing about the recipe is that you can make it ahead of time and just add chips at the last minute. You can also use any type of beans for your dip: butter beans, baked beans, refried bean, pinto beans, or even black eyed peas!

In order to create a homemade bean dip that's so good, you'll want to lick your fingers raw, start with a scoop of cream cheese and sour cream, or shredded cheese- cheddar cheese.

Black bean dips are a great snack to have for any occasion. I prefer mine with tortilla chips, of course. Who doesn't love a good crunch?

Guacamole Dip

Have you ever tried to make your own guacamole? It's a Mexican delicacy made with avocado, tomato, onion, lemon or lime juice and salt.

This dish is served as an appetizer before a main meal or as part of the meal itself. I love to put it on top of tortilla chips! We also just shared our favorite homemade guacamole recipe. Be sure to check it out here .

recipe for guacamole image

Salsa Dip

Salsa is another easy dip to make. All you need are some vegetables like onions or peppers and a few ingredients such as salt or pepper, cilantro, lime juice, diced tomatoes for the base.

Then just combine them all together with your favorite herbs and voila- the best fresh chunky salsa! You get a tasty chip dip or topping for tacos.

Salsa recipe

Queso Dip

In recent years, queso (cheese) has become a popular food in the US. This is because it's a delicious and versatile dish that can be made from scratch or with ingredients already found in any American kitchen.

Queso is a cheese that is commonly used in Mexican cuisine. It can be made out of any type of milk such as cow, sheep, or goat's milk.

Queso refers to a specific type of cheese which is typically white with no rind on it called queso blanco.

Queso blanco and queso fresco types are the most popular types while the other variations like panela and asadero are not very common: queso fresco (crispier than the first), panela (softest), and asadero (most dry).

There are many different types of cheese to choose from when making this dish, but everyone knows that queso (cheese) is best served hot and bubbling on top of some freshly-fried tortilla chips.

This is a creamy and spicy cheese dip also tastes great with pita chips.

Queso Dip Recipe

Refried Bean Dip

If you're looking for a quick and easy way to spice up your meals, try cooking with homemade refried beans, and making this popular Mexican bean dip.

One very popular food items is refried beans - but you don't need to go through all that hassle, when you can make your own homemade version in minutes.

This recipe calls for canned beans, onions, garlic powder and salt.

Then it's just a matter of heating up some oil, cooking the ingredients together until the homemade refried beans are browned and soft.

The final step is adding water or chicken broth into the mix and blending them together with an immersion blender or regular blender to create a creamy texture perfect for dipping tortilla chips!

Fry up some tacos for dinner tonight with this easy recipe!, Get cooking by adding the ingredients to the hot oil in your frying pan then flipping them over when they're brown on both sides. Serve these tasty tacos with all your favorite toppings, taco seasoning and enjoy!

Dry Ranch Dip Recipe

Combine one cup mayonnaise, two tablespoons dried Italian seasoning mix (optional), Serrano hot sauce (optional) salt/pepper to taste. This dip can also be made as an appetizer by adding vegetables such as broccoli or cauliflower.

Pizza Dip Recipe

All it takes is thin pizza dough round cut into 4-inch rounds, 1 teaspoon oregano leaves sprinkled on half the circle of dough after you spread the cheese on top, 2 tablespoons olive oil poured over top of dough before baking 1/2 inch from oven's broiler element--about 3 minutes each side until golden brown and melted cheese has formed bubbles around edge.

For an additional zing try adding Spicy Cayenne hot sauce on top, to make the perfect homemade pizza dip.

The best thing about dips is that you can make them with whatever you have in your kitchen. A few ingredients, a spoonful of creativity, and voila! You'll be able to create a delectable dip in no time at all.

Pizza dip recipe

Don't miss out on national Tortilla Chip Day and we hope we've provided you enough options for your perfect dip.

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