Best Hot Dog Recipe for Your Next BBQ

Hot Dogs on the Grill - Spicy Cayenne Hot Sauce Recipe

Baseball, hot dogs and apple pie.  Is there anything more American?  Spicy cayenne hot dogs boosts an ordinary dog into a mouth watering taste in every bite.  Great for your next barbecue!


Spice up your hot dog recipe with spicy cayenne. Pictured: grilled hot dog in bun with onion toppings and hot sauce


Beef or pork hot dogs
¼ C onion chopped
Revved Up Spicy Cayenne to taste
Ketchup (optional)
Hot Dog Bun

Additional (Optional):
Butter or Vegetable Oil
1/4C slices onions
1/2C Chopped Mushrooms


Grill a hot dog, toast the bun, and put hot dog in the toasted hot dog bun.  Top with chopped onions, mustard, and sprinkle Revved Up Spicy Cayenne over onions.

Spice up your hot dog recipe with spicy cayenne. Pictured: grilled hot dogs on the barbecue

For some extra flavor, you can sauté some finely chopped mushrooms and onions with a pinch of salt. The sweetness of the sauté will perfectly compliment the spice from the Spicy Cayenne Hot Sauce and the saltiness of the hot dog! Be sure to make plenty because this recipe is sure to have you grabbing for seconds!

Hot dog recipe to spice up your hot dogs on the grill. Pictured: sautéed mushrooms and onions to add to your hotdog

Sit back, relax, enjoy the warm weather that comes with baseball season.  Watch and cheer for  your favorite team pretending you are in the stands.  Grab a beer and a Spicy Cayenne Hot Dog reminiscent of the good ol’ days you might share with your family. 

This recipe spices up your plain hot dog to the next level! Tease your taste buds by topping your hot dog with Revved Up Spicy Cayenne.  There will be no going back to that ordinary dog. This recipe is also great for summer barbecues because friends and guests are sure to love the flavors in this hot dog!

Spice up your grilled hot dogs with Revved Up Spicy Cayenne Hot Sauce. Pictured: hot sauce sitting on the barbecue

My mouth is watering just thinking about the perfectly grilled hot dog topped with onions, mustard and then Revved Up Spicy Cayenne.  Go team go!

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