Are you a busy person too?

Are you a busy person too?

The never-ending struggle starts in the morning when we wake up from an uneasy sleep because our mind was racing about what still needed to be done that day: getting dressed, responding to emails and social media notifications, preparing for a meeting at work… then there's finding time for getting groceries...the list goes on and on. It seems like every minute of the day has been accounted for with this one task or another until bedtime comes around again and we've accomplished nothing.

Inevitably there are always things left undone as soon as we get home from another busy day of running around town doing errands or working overtime into the evening hours just so little by little everything can finally take its turn on your overflowing plate of responsibilities waiting patiently until tomorrow morning when it will happen all over again.

Here's an easy tip to scheduling your day better. The problem with not prepping your meals in advance is that you end up wasting time and money running back and forth to the store or ordering delivery. You can avoid these pitfalls by planning out your meals on the weekends, changing their flavors using different sauces or spices.

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