5 Easy Worcestershire Sauce Substitutes

5 Easy Worcestershire Sauce Substitutes


5 Easy Worcestershire Sauce Substitutes

Worcestershire Sauce is a condiment that, while it can be used as an everyday table sauce, also serves many purposes in cooking.

1. Worcestershire sauce is a type of fermented liquid condiment that originated in Worcester, England, called Worcester sauce to some.

2. Worcestershire Sauce contains white vinegar, molasses, sugar, salt, onion, anchovy, garlic, clove, tamarind extract, and other seasonings.

3. This sauce can be paired with beef dishes such as steak or hamburgers.

4. It also works well with pork dishes like bacon-wrapped dates or pulled pork sandwiches.

5. A little bit of sauce goes a long way so use sparingly.

Not only is the taste unique and tantalizing for any meat dish or casserole, but Worcestershire Sauce doubles as a flavor enhancer and tenderizer. However, there are times when you may need to make substitutions for this product due to lack of availability or if another brand's recipe calls for something different than Worcestershire.

While you can follow a Worcestershire sauce recipe to make homemade Worcestershire sauce, we decided to share five easy ways, you can possibly substitute it. If you were to make homemade Worcestershire sauce, the process would be to bring the mixture to a boil over heat, and let it simmer, before removing it from the heat.

There are other options available on the market today that will substitute well in recipes calling for Worcestershire Sauce.

Worcestershire sauce, a condiment that is typically used as an ingredient in recipes for dishes such as French onion soup and barbecue sauce, has been known to carry some pretty high sodium levels.

Fortunately, there are other alternatives you can use when cooking up delicious dishes!


One of these alternative sauces is tomato paste - it packs the same flavor punch with less sodium!

Tomato Paste offers the same great flavor with much less salt-- all while easing your guilt because you're still following your diet plan! It's a tasty and cost-effective way to add tangy tomato taste wherever you need it.

You can reduce the salt content by as much as 25% without changing the flavor of your dish in any way! Made from vine-ripened tomatoes means that this paste has a rich aroma like no other.

Also, this quick and easy substitute for Worcestershire sauce is can be enhanced by adding some apple cider vinegar or malt vinegar into tomato paste. The key is how much of each you use – a few teaspoons of tomato paste mixed with the vinegar adjusting for your taste. Since vinegar is the first ingredient in Worcestershire sauce, it makes sense to try to use that as a substitute.

1. Vinegar is a great addition to sauces because it adds acidity and balances out the flavors.

2. Vinegar can also be used in salad dressings, marinades, and other recipes that call for an acidic ingredient.

There are all types of vinegars too that can be used- white balsamic vinegar, Braggs apple cider vinegar, red wine vinegar, or even malt vinegar.

Worcestershire Sauce Substitute- Tomato Paste


Soy sauce is another good substitute for Worcestershire sauce , and it's naturally vegan-friendly. It also adds great flavor, zest and spice to many dishes like tuna patties, stir fry, and salad dressings. Marinating meat in soy sauce can make it taste like an old-fashioned barbecue.

There are many soy sauces available. Enjoy soy sauce as a vegan natural alternative to traditional fish sauce, which is made from fish.

There are great quality sauces with more vegetables like mushrooms, carrots and onions. There are soy sauce alternative that are gluten-free, since soy sauce uses wheat flour traditionally.

If you're looking for an all-purpose seasoning for your soups or Asian dishes, the long-lasting flavors of soy sauce will be the perfect Worcestershire sauce substitute.

Of course, this might lead you down a rabbit hole wondering what substitutes could you use for soy sauce. So we want to help you out!

Soy sauce is a condiment that adds flavor to many Asian dishes, but it can be difficult to find in some areas, or you may not enjoy it or are looking for a gluten free option.

A common soy sauce substitute is tamari sauce, which has a more intense flavor than soy sauce and is made from fermented soybeans.

Another soy sauce substitute for those who cannot have gluten or are vegan is Bragg Liquid Aminos, which contains naturally occurring amino acids and no MSG.

Worcestershire Sauce Substitute- Tomato Paste


Coconut aminos are not just a good substitute for Worcestershire sauce- coconut aminos are actually really tasty on their own too! Mixing different types of these sauces together can create unique flavors that will look great on the plate.

Worcestershire Sauce Substitute- Coconut Aminos



Fish sauce is an excellent substitute for Worcestershire sauce because it's tangy, salty, and earthy. Fish sauce adds a savory depth of flavor when mixed with other ingredients used in food recipes such as soy sauce, lime juice, garlic, ginger, chili peppers and onions among others.


Fish sauce is a liquid made from fish that is often added to dishes or sauces especially for flavor. People who do not like the taste of it may want to avoid it since some varieties are very strong in flavor.

Worcestershire Sauce Substitute- Fish Sauce



Lastly, our Spicy Cayenne hot sauce is a great Worcestershire sauce substitute in recipes that call for it. It's also perfect on eggs, chicken strips, and even pizza.

Our Spicy Cayenne hot sauce is deliciously spicy and deep, with molasses, Worcestershire Sauce, garlic, and tomato, this sauce delivers a flavor like you've never experienced, elevating basic pizza sauce, pulled pork, and soups!

It packs a punch and offers you something original for your wings, Philly cheese steaks, nachos or whatever else needs to be kicked up a notch!

Cayenne pepper adds a chili peppery zing into food and beverages for a kick, while garlic gives just the right pungent bite to flavor vegetables, meat dishes, and more.

The salty tang of Worcestershire sauce is balanced by molasses's sweetness in this spicy hot sauce perfect on everything from eggs to wings or burgers to pizza!


Worcestershire sauce substitutes- cayenne hot sauce with molasses and tomato

Worcestershire sauce is a fantastic ingredient that can be substituted with other condiments. So for those who are allergic or just don't like the taste of it, there are plenty of substitutes available.

Replacing Worcestershire sauce with soy sauce will give you an Asian flair to your food and replace its tangy flavor profile. For those looking for more of a salty, savory taste, fish sauce would be perfect!

And if you're looking to add some spice into the mix without too much heat (maybe because someone in your family doesn't enjoy spicy foods), hot sauces are great as well!

Fun cooking tip:

1. Tamarind paste is a type of food that is made from ground almonds and sugar

2. It can also be made with other types of nuts, such as walnuts or pistachios.

3. Some people use tamarind paste to make desserts like halva and baklava.



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